You will invest a great deal of energy and emotion planning, leading up to that special moment when you walk down the wedding aisle to meet the love of your life. In just a matter of time, the moment will come when you open your heart and soul while sharing your promises before a few (or many) of your favorite people.

Your ceremony is the heart and soul of your wedding day.

From your processional to recessional, Gust will warmly welcome your guests, pay tribute to your loved ones, and tell the story of your love. Gust will guide you through your vows and ring exchange, the pronouncement of marriage, and then happily present you to your guests as a newlywed couple! Your ceremony will be personal, romantic, inclusive, exciting, and fun.

Choose your Love Story Package and allow Gust the privilege to be the person who pronounces you married. Like hundreds of other couples, you will be in good hands, and your wedding ceremony will be talked about for a long time for having been perfectly you.


Gust Bassianotis will customize your wedding ceremony script, craft your love story, and professionally present your ceremony on your wedding day.

He provides unlimited telephone and internet communication and planning sessions. Your rehearsal will help alleviate the anxiety, stress, and wedding day jitters you want to avoid.

The rehearsal is vitally essential for several reasons. Walking through your marriage ceremony will help everyone understand their role; it is well- choreographed with smooth transitions throughout your wedding ceremony, assuring confidence, calmness, and a sense of fresh exhilaration on your wedding day.

Your rehearsal should last about one hour, approximately twice as long as the ceremony itself. Because of the importance of this rehearsal, Gust never has and never will use a "stand-in" for the walk-through. He will conduct your rehearsal personally.


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Gust will offer tips and professional suggestions based on his more than 40 years of experience. He will help you design your wedding script.

Part of the planning and preparation for the Simply Perfect Package includes unlimited telephone and Internet communication and planning sessions. Gust's skill and calming presence will help bring an experience everyone will appreciate and remember.

This package also includes a free wedding ceremony consultation on FaceTime or Skype to help reduce your wedding planning stress and help you become more confident. At the same time, Gust answers all your questions and addresses your concerns.


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This Formal Wedding Ceremony Package comes with two premarital preparation coaching sessions, including your Prepare/Enrich Relationship Assessment.

Session #1

Gust will explain the results of your relationship assessment and discuss ways to strengthen your partnership, including topics such as communication skills, conflict resolution, finances, family issues, religion, understanding and appreciating personality and temperament differences.

Session #2

This session includes identifying, ranking, communicating, and negotiating expectations to avoid significant surprises in your partnership. You will receive a 15 to 20-page computer report, broken down into related categories. The couple checkup assessment is an added $35 value.


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