Selecting a wedding officiant is an unfamiliar process. Gust Bassianotis can work with you to make your experience fun and natural - no weirdness or hassles, just the joy and unique opportunity to help you experience an extraordinary wedding ceremony. The perfect wedding ceremony will never be achieved by searching for wedding ceremony samples on the web and choosing a script to give to a friend to read on your wedding day or even settling for a cookie-cutter approach to wedding ceremony planning. Your wedding ceremony can and must be much more than this! Gust Bassianotis specializes in personalized ceremonies of any style in any setting. He offers all the help you desire to create a unique marriage ceremony that will be heartfelt, meaningful, and memorable. We serve Clearwater, Palm Harbor, FL and surrounding areas.

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Crafting your love story might sound intimidating at first. Well, it does not need to be because Gust Bassianotis is a gifted storyteller. He will gather the information necessary to write your wedding script, and then incorporate your unique story into a memorable wedding ceremony centerpiece. The analogy of a ceremony centerpiece is relevant because your love story is central to you and the way your guests are involved in your life. The wording of your marriage ceremony and the way Gust Bassianotis presents it will be remembered by you and your guests for a lifetime.


With a strong history in the wedding industry and after planning and performing over 700 wedding ceremonies, Gust Bassianotis focuses on each couple's expectations and ideas for their wedding ceremony. Gust is an experienced, ordained minister and notary who is committed to helping create and deliver your dream ceremony. You will be delighted by the wealth of information he includes for your use in designing your customized service. Your marriage ceremony will indeed reflect yourself and your love for each other. He will warmly welcome your guests, pay tribute to your loved ones, and tell the story of your love. Gust will guide you through your wedding vows, the ring exchange, and pronouncement of marriage, and then happily present you to your guests as a newlywed couple. Your ceremony will be personal, romantic, inclusive, exciting, and fun. Your wedding ceremony is going to be special!


Gust Bassianotis years of relationship coaching experience can help you set realistic goals and be a "second set of eyes" to help talk through relationship challenges. He will help you understand your personality differences and set the tone for sound understanding and communication. Advice coaching as you prepare for marriage is an opportunity to put strongholds in place for long-lasting respect, friendship, and happiness. Advice coaching is a smart investment for any couple who is living together, thinking about getting married, or currently engaged and planning their wedding day.

"What can I say about Gust? From the moment my now wife and I talked to him, I knew he was the right guy for us! Gust is one of the most professional, laid-back, easy-going guys I have ever met. We had a lot of questions, but Gust answered them all with reassurance and grace. It's hard to argue with his track record, no wonder he's so popular! When the big day came, Gust was able to guide us and our wedding party through our rehearsal without a hitch, accommodating whatever we wanted. Consequently, our ceremony went off without a hitch. He did a PHENOMENAL job and nearly two months later, we still have guests talking about Gust! There is no one we would recommend more, seriously. Thank you, Gust, from the bottom of our hearts!"

Jonathon & Leslie Leese

"Gust did Our Daughter and now son in law Wedding and he was Amazing and from rehearsal to the wedding on the same day. I had a very nice talk with him while waiting until the wedding. Once the wedding started Gust was So Awesome. I would tell anyone to have him do there Wedding for them and you will not be disappointed with him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it the best day Gust."

Suzanne Abbe

"Gust was an amazing officiant, he had kind words that felt personal to our wedding and he got the theme of our wedding just perfectly. He kindly broke the ice during the ceremony, making everyone feel welcome and personal to our event. Great officiant!"

Victor Abreu